Why is it that so many Disc Jockey's fail at performing at night clubs. Well the answer is actually simple, most fail because they don't understand how to spin in a club. Its not that they do not know the music or how to mix, its really that they do not know the business side of being a DJ in a Bar.

Their lack of knowing that their only purpose in the club is to make the nightclub money by selling drinks and increasing the amount of clients through the door. A manager or owner expects to make money from their investment in a DJ. After all, that is all a DJ does is entertain the crowd, and sell drinks.

Power Alley Entertainment understands this and knows just how important crowd management is and how rotating the dance floor is key to having a successful night at your club. We provide high enegry entertainment that will keep your guests comming back!

We understand that promoting an event is just as important if not more important than playing music. Power Alley Entertainment will work with you in providing artwork and poster designs to help you promote us at your club.

Our music selection covers many genres of music and spans many generations. Many new DJ's boast that their music collection has so many songs. To be honest we dont know how many songs we have, we stopped counting. We utilize music subscription services that are offered only to DJ professionals in radio or clubs, so most of the time we have the new music that you most likely havent even heard on the radio yet.

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With all the DJ's around, what makes Power Alley Entertainment so different

  • Over 20 Years Expirence
  • Professional & Personal Service
  • We pay attention to every detail so you dont have to

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